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Kids Mats

Kids Mats

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Kids Mats 

Our playmats are the perfect accessory for your new teepee tent and provides a soft base for the little ones to play on. It is designed to fit inside the teepee tent, but can also be removed for use on its own, as a standalone cushion. 


Our Flat Mat has a zip cover, which is easily removed for washing and cleaning. These are ideally suited to toddlers from age 2 up. The flat mat is fitted with a 25mm High Density Inner and designed for creativity, providing a steady surface for the kids where they can build, draw, read and play. 

The Baby Mat, as the name suggests, is ideal for babies to sleep on, drink their botties and practise tummy time from. It has a comfy, soft, puffy filling with raised edges, to prevent your baby from rolling off. 


It's lightweight and easy to transport from one room to another and can even be used outdoors due to its durable denim backing. 


As your baby gets older and they start moving about more frequently, it is preferable to have them close to the ground, instead of on a bed / couch where they might roll off and get injured. Our flatmats are ideal for this purpose and aim to keep your baby snug and safe.


Our standard flatmats measure 1m x 1m and are designed to fit snuggly inside our range of teepees (see page). XL flatmats now available too. Great for when there's more than one child. They measure 1.3m x 1.3m and are designed to fit snuggly inside our XL Teepee Tents. 

Washing and Care:

Zip covers and 25mm High Density Foam inners are standard on these flatmats and make washing even easier. Normal mats can be spot washed or steam cleaned, where necessary.

Remember, we are small enough and agile enough to custom make to your requirements. 


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