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The Teepee People

Play Tent Combos - Sahara Sands

Play Tent Combos - Sahara Sands

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Owning a kids teepee tent can provide numerous benefits. First, it offers a fun and imaginative play space for children to explore and enjoy. It can also serve as a cozy spot for reading books or taking naps. Our Teepees arrive fully assembled and folds away easily, making them a convenient option for parents. Furthermore, teepee tents come in a variety of styles, colours, and sizes, allowing for customisation and personalisation. Overall, owning a kids teepee tent can enhance a child's creativity, playtime, fun and educational experiences.

The Teepee Combo includes

- 1 x Premium " Bull Denim " Teepee

- 1 x Kids Mat with 25mm High Density Foam Inner & Zip Cover for easy washing and cleaning.

- 1 set of Matching Teepee Flags (set of 4)

- 1 set of Wooden Feather Decor Accessories (2 feathers)

- Waterproof Teepee Carry Bag

- Waterproof Mat and Accessory Bag

- Free Shipping Nationwide

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