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Protective Outdoor Covers

Protective Outdoor Covers

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Ripstop Covers to protect your outdoor items from the elements* 

Our recommendation will always be to move items indoors / under cover when not in use, but we completely understand that this is not always feasible or even possible. 

And when there's 4 seasons in one day, the last thing you want to do on your hard earned holidays is to schlepp your new beanbags in and out, while the weather makes up its mind. 

These durable, water repellent outdoor protective covers are designed to overcome these hassles. Place them over the outdoor items, strap them down and  breathe a little easier knowing your favourite items are protected from the sun, wind, rain, dirt and grime. 

A secondary benefit is the matter of "man's  best friend".....who loves our outdoor beanbags possibly more than we do. Dirty covers we can tolerate, but dirty beanbags NO NO! Keep those muddy paws under control with the protective covers, when you're not there to take charge. 

Priced per item (each)

*Whilst we would love to guarantee that not a spec of dust, drop of rain OR grain of sand will ever penetrate these covers, we have to be realistic and advise that these are protective (best effort) measures & unfortunately not fail proof. 

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